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 Worlds End, Pudsey, West Yorkshire


Worlds End
2 Wesley Sq
West Yorkshire
LS28 7AB

Tel: 0113 236 3048
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Michael Kilgallon
Having read with, some amusement, the previous entries about the worlds end I can happily tell you things have improved dramatically.
The previous Landlady, who most would agree had some problems, is no longer involved and has been replaced by some quite friendly staff including the a very affable new bar manager/chef chap (who s name i can t remember!). The beer is good and the atmosphere is certainly improving! Worth another look if it was just the last owners who put you off...
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Rating: rosettes

Susan Lynes
VERY rude landlady.
Having often visited pub to listen to excellent regular folk band Aikens Drum, I was disappointed to find the pub empty and deserted on October 30th. Tried again on 20th November and it was again totally empty. Went in anyway, ordered a drink from smart, spiky haired lady and politely asked about live music. Was treated to downright truculent response and was cross questioned about who had written my script and what did I know. When I protested at her outrageous rudeness she said she could do far better and feeling quite threatened, I left, never to return. Surely Pudsey Chamber of Commerce and the local Licensed Victuallers would like a more welcoming landlady for this towncentre venue???
Sunday, November 20, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

Dave Brim
landlady - spiky hair, spiky personality
Weekday lunchtime, very quite, no more than 5 people in, I bought a drink, sat down and started to look through a magazine, when after a couple of minutes the grey spiky haired landlady (I presume) came up to me and said, Finish your drink and leave. I was dumbfounded. No reason, no explanation. I asked her why? And was told in no uncertain terms she didn't need a reason why.

I said to her that just out of politeness she should tell me why she decided to kick me out seeing as I done nothing and was baffled, as to how sitting down could have caused her so much anxiety that she had to tell me to leave. Same response, rude shake of her head, she didn't have to tell me, and coul I leave.

I’d had a couple of sips of beer so asked for my money back and she even said there was nothing wrong with it? Baffling again.

At one point she even grabbed my bag and took it outside and placed it on a wall outside and told me to drink outside? It was just the most surreal thing. So weird that I had to look round the net to find anything about this pub, and found this site, which explains everything. If she thinks someone’s out to ruin her pub all she needs to do is take a look in the mirror.

I couldn’t really stay mad at the her, it was all just too bizarre.
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

On a Sunday afternoon at 2:30, after a delicious visit to the Wetherby Whaler with my grandparents and parents. We decided to visit the Worlds End as it seemed a pleasant pub. We stood at the bar for 15 minutes gradually thinking the beer must be self service, until I went upstairs to hear a bar lady telling someone the pub was about to close, consequently I went downstairs to inform my family, and they asked me to walk down the small road (which the pub was on) to see if the pub over the road was open. I did this and when I got to the bottom of the road a woman in a suit approached me saying I was not allowed to go back up the road, to which I asked why? She arrogantly informed me that my family was not in the pub, which since I had just left them seemed a little odd, as they had definitely not come out! So as I tried to return to inform my family of the other pubs, which were open, she continued confronting me - in a very aggressive manner, she continued shouting at me saying I was not to return to the road after I had informed my family. Consequently I was very confused as I thought nowadays public roads entitled people to have ‘public’ access. My family then left the pub and returned to the car park, which the woman followed us into the car park and watched us get into the car. As we drove past we noticed the woman moving the signs for the pub, so it turned out that she was the landlady! We were very surprised as we valued this pub as a friendly pub but it is obviously run by an obnoxious highly confused landlady who instead of running a pub and either serving or telling people that the pub is closed, would rather be patrolling the streets as a power crazy street warden! I would seriously not recommend visiting this pub, as it was a great disappointment to my family and me and would definitely never advise any one to visit here! The arrogance of this woman was despicable and I would not tolerate it in a zoo let alone in the street! Would you want her serving our drinks?
Sunday, August 7, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

... but it has its good points, too
Without wishing to contradict the others (bearing in mind that some of my friends have had similar treatment), I will say that it isn't all bad.

Yes they have had more than their fair share of staffing problems over the last year or so.

On the other side of the balance, the beer (Theakston's and Greene King Abbott) is usually good-to-excellent, except the odd occasion when the cellar management falls short.

Live music: modern Jazz every Mon, Folk every other Sun or so, occasional bands Fri.

Quiz Tues, music quiz Weds, ocassional DJ Thurs.

Interesting decor (piccy at http://www.clanvis.com/pudsey/taproom.htm)

Seating could be improved.

Non-smoking areas (good IMO, your mileage may vary)

Popularity has declined since the late license is no longer exercised, and the Fri and Sat Discos stopped.
Thursday, April 7, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Mad Landlady
This pub is really nice apart from the landlady and her staff! Myself and my friend along with our Girlfriends called in for a quiet drink on a Monday night. There are signs outside asking if anyone knows of people trying to sabotage the Worlds End and apparrently these have been posted to most houses within the area. We are all of around the age of 24 and were asked to produce ID by a young lad behind the bar........Ok a bit of a compliment you may think, but no the landlady is obssesed by the thought that someone is trying to sabottage her business and asks her staff to vet every new face. We were subsequently thrown out. Why you ask............. wait for it.........because the landlady thought we were spy's!!!!!!!
Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

paul sawyer
the most rude and appalling service ever in a pub
After buying a pint and taking it back because i and my 3 companions didn't think it tasted right i was agressivly told various times that the pipes were clean and the beer was fine. maybe i'd never tried this beer and didn't know what it tasted like to you must have put something in the beer . I promply told the landlady that she knew nothing about customer service and she would not be recieving my custom ever again and in return was promptly barred from the pub along with my companions on the way out. So much for a quiet sunday afternoon drink.
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

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Worlds End
2 Wesley Sq
West Yorkshire
LS28 7AB

Tel: 0113 236 3048
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