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 Red Lion, Rugeley, Staffordshire


Red Lion
19 Market St
WS15 2JH

Tel: 01889 570328
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C probert
Warm friendly great beer
This pub is fantastic it's a very warm friendly place to go have a great beer the landlady is lovely and really has a great attitude
Would recommend that anybody call in and try it for themselves rather than listen to the rubbish on here about things that happened by previous owners well worth the trip
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Rating: rosettes

c buckley
well all change
exellent beer lovely people so frendly call in if you dont believe and they have raised 1250 poundsfor air ambulance from the car park its under new managment thank god
Friday, February 13, 2009
Rating: rosettes

w. morris
still bloody clamping
yes they're still at it and the beer is sure to be warm!!
It's the clamping company thugs who threaten people that consern me.


Moaning yes, hospitable feeling for the pub - NO. boycott!
Friday, December 29, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Dave Mosedale
Get to the point. All of above irrelavent
Clamping boo hoo. Don't use a car park for anything other than who its for. You are not aloud to park any where other than where you are aloud to park- This car park was for people attending the pub- If you want someone's heart to bleed for you then do the decent thing and use the pub and give a comment on the service. I live in Cannock and have never been to this pub but you load of moaners have lived in Rugeley for years and used there car park for years and never had the respect to pay anything for it. Your fine is your back pay and lesson. This site is not for venting anger. I will be heading to Rugeley soon to try this pub to give them the write up they deserve good or bad.
Monday, May 15, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Ann Walton
Disgusting practice
I was clamped earlier today at 4.30pm I had experienced a really busy day looking after 63 elderley people and I had rushed into Rugeley to buy a couple of easter eggs for my friends grandchildren. I had not been into Rugeley for several weeks and knew nothing of this clamping on the Red Lion car park. I genuinely did not see the notices on the side of the pub, they are not at eye level, are infact about 20 to 25ft off the ground.They are very small print and black and white like the colours of the pub and very inconspicuous. I was away from my vehicle for about 15mins and was clamped. The clampers were very rude and aggressive and when I told them I hadn't got 125 they said my vehicle would be towed away and it would cost me 295 to get it out of the pound and 30 a day storage. I was then told that if I didnt pay that which would have amounted to about 500 or 600 the baliffs would be contacted. I offered them my car keys as I could not see me ever being able to pay for this mistake, they refused. I asked them if I could have an extension until the 15th April (date of clamping was the 12th) I would then be paid and could pay them out of my wages. I only earn approx. 800 a month, I am on my own and have no savings or credit whatsoever. I struggle through from month to month. I was told no.I then asked for ten minutes to go to a friends to make a call as I had no credit on my phone. They reluctantly agreed threatening to tow the car if I was any longer. I was so distressed as it was a genuine mistake and 125 is such a lot of money to me. My friend came back with me and she lent me the fee to release my car.The clampers were very rude and aggressive to both of us and sneered at my friend whilst she tried to plead my case.My friend is a long term resident of Rugeley and very well respected in the community and it made me very angry and frustrated to see her being treated so badly.As we walked away they threatened to put a fixed penalty ticket on my car as well if I didn't move it fast. I later returned to the car park to ask them where my house keys were and after some investigation I found them both in the Red Lion Pub drinking alcohol and playing the gaming machine.,obviously relaxing after a good day's work !!!! (sorry that was sarcasm). I have never intentionally broken the law in my life, I work hard for very little money and have done all my life, I try to be kind and fair with everyone I meet and I am always willing to accept when I am wrong. I feel very upset and angry about this and I think the way this clamping firm operate is immoral, unfair ,sly and aggressive.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

darren byrne
My wife today also got clamped whilst popping into a nearby shop, she knew nothing of the clamping scheme. She was due to pick our 7 year old son up from school, obviously the clampers couldn't have cared less about this. They are scum, and the brewery who own this pub are aswell. Please don't park on this car park and think twice about visiting this pub. I bet its rubbish anyway
Thursday, March 16, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

E. Donnelly
See below
The car park beside this pub has been used for may years by local residents for short term parking. A few weeks ago, small notices were erected telling people that clamping was in operation. On Saturday, my 86 year old father was clamped and the company refused to make a phone call for him. He was only advised to hurry up and find the 125 fine or he would be towed away and then it would cost him 295. The whole episode has greatly upset him. He was out of the car for 7 minutes only, buying flowers for my mother's grave. Don't know what the pub is like but leave anyone reading this to make their own mind up...
Monday, March 13, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

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Red Lion
19 Market St
WS15 2JH

Tel: 01889 570328
See Map


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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