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 Fox & Raven, Chelmsford


Fox & Raven
Barnes Mill Rd

Tel: 01245 267364
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Bar Food

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Charles Churchford
Yum Yum
Steak was Magnificent as always
Medium Rare done to Perfection
Saturday, April 7, 2018
Rating: rosettes

Gordon Finlay
A lovely sunny day, with my wife, daughter and grand-daughter, looking forward to relaxing and pleasant lunch at The Fox and Raven. It was not too busy, but there were plenty of customers enjoying the weather.

My grand-daughter's children's steak, despite being asked how it should be cooked, came out like shoe leather. We ordered a replacement sausage dish thinking it would come out quicker. It didn't!.

My daughter and I had the burger which was really overdone, but my daughter did not want to send it back. My wife would not comment on her meal as she was already embarrassed by this time.

For me, I would have sent it all back. Waitress and Assistant Managers comment were that the children's steak had to be well done, and burgers had to be well done. Well, I think that I was well done!!

On settling up, I told the Assistant Manager what I would and would not pay for. This was done, and without any apology, we left. NEVER TO RETURN! but then I don't think they care anyway.
Friday, May 6, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Never, never again
My family, my Boyfriend and I decided to re-visit a rustic style restaurant after a few years for my fathers birthday. We ordered the starters.
Firstly my Boyfriends starter - cajun chicken skewers -was unbelieveably small. There were two skewers and two pieces of (no joking) 50p sized chicken pieces on them.

Ok, so we got the main meals. At this point the 5 extra wine glasses hadn't been taken away by the waitress and were cluttering up the table. We ended up placing them all on a nearby windowsill. And not to mention the wait between getting the starters then getting the main meal was far too long.

For my main i ordered steak - cooked rare. The steak turned up well done. So i sent it back. Second try - the steak was brown on the outside but ice cold and raw !? on the inside so i sent it back again. Third steak was OK but there was no blood what so ever which i found odd and the meat was VERY dark red which i also found strange. And the fries i had with it were seasoned to death so much so that i could not eat them because there was so much salt on it. AND the onion rings that came with my meal were burnt to a crisp, they were charcoaled.

We had also ordered cauliflower cheese on the side because we all LOVE IT. It turned up and it looked as if some processed cheese had been placed ontop of the cauliflower cheese and melted since there was a yellow cheese sqare on top and the cauliflower was white.

Another amazingly long wait until it arrived.
My Brownie was lovely. Warm and soft.
My Boyfriends was uncooked and very hard. Almost in-edible.

The toilets were also very messy. In the first toilet there was toilet paper piled all over the floor for some reason. The first and second toilets were blocked and the third had only a small amount of toilet paper left.

And I still cannot believe we payed for this dinner. They had taken off some cauliflower cheese and the hard brownie but that was it. We spoke to the manager who insisted that nothing was wrong which only made things more frustrating, especiall since it was quite an expensive meal. It spoilt my fathers birthday partially as well. I will NEVER be going back there! This restaurant is VERY VERY inconsistent. It is as if there are two separate kitchens... one which serves good food and one which serves awful food and you never know which kitchen your food will be coming from so think twice before coming here.
Monday, August 30, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

Very poor service Fox raven chelmsford
Saturday evening before fathers day. Busy but hardly any staff. Food was ok but service was very bad. Had to clear our own table and wipe down. Not again.
Monday, June 28, 2010
Rating: rosettes

lewis marshall
i was very angry with the service it was the worst meal i have ever eat. i orderd a rump steak rare and it took 1 hour and it also was well done and not only well done it was burnt. if you think to go there think again i would rather eat a cat that eat that rubish
Sunday, May 2, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

saturdays around 5pm
Have used this pub for years, didnt know it had turned into a creche!
Service was excellent, fillet steak the finest i have tasted in a long time... advise you to go later in the evening if you dont like screaming children with bags of crisps and coke!
Sunday roast always spot on especially if you go for the second sitting about 7pm

get cheesed off waiting 15 minutes to get a drink and then same again to order food, need more staff behind the bar! (this has always been the case)
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Rating: rosettes

Happy Memories
I was taken here by my girlfriend on our first date. (Tues May 30th) Don't remember much about the food or drink as I was in another world. So it couldn't have been that bad - or I'd remember.
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Norman Floyd
Still poor
Have complained about this place to the company and was assured training etc, etc was taking place.
Had a business meeting on 011206 and at 11am all drinks were tepid, service very slow. Second batch of hot drinks cold. Food ok, chips lukewarm. Several waiting staff with serving clothes on the shoulder. Has basic food hygiene been completed. The place has a dismal atmosphere and the male toilets were really bad with the quarry tiles having a dark staining from the skirting across.
Please sort this place out someone!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, December 7, 2006
Rating: rosettes

A Pleasant Experience
We visited on Sat 25th November and could not fault the food or the service. We arrived early to ensure that we beat the rush.
Monday, November 27, 2006
Rating: rosettes

yet another disaster
Visited this pub with a group of friends for a meal.the choices was very limited but we made do.And we had to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes for a simple dish. The waitress was a young teenager with ALOT of attitude!!! Each time we ordered a round of drinks, it was like it was to much effort!!! I will not recommend this pub and i will go back in when there are no teenagers working there!!!!
Sunday, November 26, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Daf Bergin
Coming soon
My friends and I are coming for lunch on the 6th December, so I hope the food and service are good, and that all the items are available on your menu.
Looking forward to my first visit in your hostelry
Monday, November 13, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Fox & Raven
I visited Fox & Raven on Sunday 29th May 2006, with some reservation as I have read the negative comments, but I was pleasantly surprised with the cheerful and polite service - yes teenagers. The food was as expected, not cordon bleu, but we all had roast beef and it was OK. Very nice surrandings also, we sat looking out over the meadow and could see cattle in the distance and also a canal boat went by.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Mrs Lillis-Arrowsmith
Fox & Raven visit 26th Feb
The Fox & Raven is usually the meeting place for a certain group of friends as we have always found the service, food and atmosphere great for a simple get together. nothing is mind blowing but it is simple food well cooked.
Our last visit on Sunday was appalling. The main meals took over one & a half hours to arrive and when they did they were inedible.
Roasts included cold meat, gravy and veg with pototoes balck on the outside and raw in the middle. Burgers were burnt to the point of being black lumps and were so cold that the slice of processed cheese remained unmelted at all.
Scampi were flabby, greasy lumps which again were cold.
We sent the food back and asked for it to be removed from the bill which prompted the waitress to simply tut loudly and stomp away. there was no apology or explaination.
As you can understand this whole experience marred a meeting of friends whole only get together every couple of months. Needless to say, we will never visit the Fox & Raven again.
Friday, March 3, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

excellent service
we had a wonderful meal there back in October, the steak was the best I've had in years, the service friendly, the food hot and quickly delivered and we will be going back soon.

highly recommended
Friday, December 23, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Another Disaster!
We have visited the Fox and Raven a number of times in the past. Recently however it would appear to have lost it's way, we went on a Sunday in early October at 4pm to be told they had no Sunday Roast left, then had to wait for over an hour and a half for the bill as they could not find it. We then went one weekday evening to find that we waited over an hour for a burger and chips and chicken pie, all of it was cold and the staff reluctant to replace any of it, no apology, nothing. Very disappointed recently, possibly new management. Will not return in the near future or reccomend it.
Monday, November 7, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

We have been very regular visitors and service has always been just about acceptable. Today however we had a disaster on my mother's birthday. Not allowed to order for 45 minutes, despite being shown to a table. another 20 mins to place the order and then an hour for food to arrive. We were told the printer wasn't working but that was a lie - the chef had gone awol. Totally not recommended, won't go back in a hurry.
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

I'm like Matthew!
I too was dissapointed to find that neither my favourite Fox pie or raven kebab was on the menu. Trading standards need to hear about this false advertising!!
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Good, but not for those who are picky about what t
Good atmosphere and had no problems with the service.
However, was annoyed at the lack of vegetarian food. There was all of about 4 options out of at least 30.
Good place but not for someone who is a little picky about what they like to eat (like myself)
Going back for christmas meal with friends so can't have been that bad.
Thursday, October 20, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Fox and Raven
I took my family to The Fox and Raven last night for my daughter's 11th birthday,she ordered Carbonara,which had far to much black pepper,we swapped
meals abut I could not eat it. We asked the waiter if chef could prepare a Carbonara without pepper, he returned with a Beef and Ale pie as the Carbonara was delivered in a massive container and chef could not prepare a
fresh one. I was shocked to here very little on the menu is cooked
professionally and the majority must be slung in a microwave. We had the fiver refunded, but the whole meal was spoilt and the illusion of fresh food in a Best Pub has been shattered. I can imagine a couple teenagers in the kitchen just bunging tv dinners into the microwave oven. Best not let too
many other customers in on your little secret, at 60 a family it might not go down too well!
Friday, July 1, 2005
Rating: rosettes

was dissapointed to find that the pub sold neither fox or raven, dissapointing!
Saturday, May 14, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

fox and raven
I have visited the fox and Raven on several occasions everytime has been a brillant experience. Everyone was cheerful and very happy to help me out as we went with some elderly family members. I would recomend this to anyone as an enjoyable vintage inn with superb views.
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Rating: rosettes

bad service
Terrible service. We have been customers of the Fax and Raven since it first opened. The pub has a very plesant feel about it. Quality of food has varied over the period but has generally remained acceptable and the serrvice is generally good, that is until last week (first week July 2004). On the two occassions we were there that week the food order was messed up completely and both times took a lot more than an hour to be served, wrongly. On neither occassion did we actually get our meal. On the second occassion the assistant manager said it was the fault of the Chef and asked if I would like to speak to him. I said yes and then waited another 15 minutes before finally giving up. On the way out the assistant manager said the chef would not speak to me - shame he took 15 minutes to deliver message. Will I go again? - probably because I really do like the pub - when? - not for some time.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Rating: No rosettes

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Fox & Raven
Barnes Mill Rd

Tel: 01245 267364
See Map


Saturday, September 22, 2018

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