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 Thinford Inn, Durham


Thinford Inn
County Durham

Tel: 01388 819394
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maureen oliphant
very disappointing
Cold plates, cold vegetables, cold meat and cold Yorkshire. A disgusting meal which we couldn't eat. Took our Malaysian student for a typical British Sunday roast so you can imagine our disappointment. Nor had they addressed the fact that torrential rain had caused a considerable leak through the ceiling grid causing a very slippery and dangerous floor in front of the buffet table. And cold drips down the neck as one served oneself.
Monday, June 11, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

We have visited the Thinford Inn a few times recently over as many weeks. The carvery is always excellent, lovely and hot, with a good choice of meat and veg. Nice surroundings and pleasant staff.
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Rating: rosettes

waited 90 mins and meal still didnt arrive so went and got money back,we we were not the first people to do that either
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

John Morris
take no notice
Just back from the second visit of the month to the Thinford Inn. Surprised at the negative comments because we really enjoyed it. Generous and tasty meat portions, a good variety of veg, real ale, good service and excellent value before 7. The grandchild enjoyed a free mash of veg in the high chair.
Thursday, September 29, 2011
Rating: rosettes

Very, very dissapointed. Meat was fatty and cold. Veg was overcooked, nearly mashed. Gravy looked like thin shit and no taste at all. Probably just water and Bisto granules without beef stock. No floor staff and chef was probably mute. Cutlery, salt and pepper we had to find ourselves. Not to mention PRICE!!! Scandal.
Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Mac One
Wednesday 4-30pm. No other customers.
Really looking forward to this visit and expected much better. Scraps of old leftover food lying in windowsills, sticky table surface and damaged cutlery (tip of steak knife bent at right angle). Not a good first impression. The food was plentiful but not especially well cooked and of poor quality. Huge disappointment for price.
Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

harry ramone
great decor, super food, what more can i say
Monday, June 20, 2011
Rating: rosettes

county durham
just came back from a excellent visit to the thinford inn, i was very optimistic about going after reading some of the bad reviews, and no be honest they couldnt be more wrong about the place. food is excellent, fresh and hot at all times, staff are very friendly and make me and my family feel dead welcome. couldtn possibly see why people would have a problem with the staff attitudes as they were all very polite and hard workers. the place was spotless and had a very relaxing atmosphere. will deffo now be a regular customer and recommend it to anyone i no. dont believe all these crap reviews, go and find out for yourself!
Monday, June 13, 2011
Rating: rosettes

george haversham
dining in durham
on a recent business visit to durham i was travelling with three work associates returning to leaming bar. we passed the thinford at 1600 hrs.
the restaraunt decor was beautiful but quiet.
we inspected the carvery before ordering and it looked inviting. the young man behind the bar approached us and asked if he could assist us.
we placed our order and found ourselves eating good food at an unbelievable inexpensive price.
toby carvery can learn from this excellent establishment.
Friday, June 10, 2011
Rating: rosettes

japul sing
thinford! excellent food and service.
my wife and i were passing the thinford inn with our three children. we noticed it was a carvery.
on our arrival we experienced a large car park, and even though it was quite busy, parking was easy.
the thinford looks like a light and airy place to eat and drink.
the wallpapers and paint give it a real nice feel.
the service that we received was friendly and attentive.
we were told that it was now run by new owners.
the carvery was a delight and the food was hot.
it was 1.30pm on a thursday afternoon and we found it a delight to dine there.
well done to all involved.
Friday, June 10, 2011
Rating: rosettes

I visited the Thinford Inn on sunday and very much enjoyed the carvery, fantastic selection of meats and fresh veg and a nice selection of sauces to compliment the meal.
I found the front of house staff very friendly and they couldnt help me enough, the young man who served us on the carvery was very friendly and welcomed us like he had known us for years, very refreshing and he even gave us a gravy boat for extra gravy! little things like that go a long way in my book., the yorkshire puds were out of this world and beat my wifes big style, overall a most enjoyable experience at the thinford and we will make this our local from now on, judge for yourself as we did and you wont be sorry........well done thinford ;)
Thursday, June 9, 2011
Rating: rosettes

John Rowland
Sunday Lunch
We visited there yesterday for the Sunday Carvery which I thought was overpriced - but was hot and enjoyable. The main problem was the staff & management. When we went to the bar for drinks we had to wait untill who we presume wass the Manager finish his conversation with someone on the other side of the bar before he condesended to go behind the bar and serve us. There were no cutlery to be found so we asked a girl who was wrapping cutlery on a table opposite the bar and she said it was over by the carvery and that she didnt work there!! The Chef on the carvery unit told us twice that whe would only be two minuted as she we plating meals up for the kitchen. We eventually found the cutlery, and were asked by the same Manager person when we were walking toward our table if we needed any cutlery - to which I replied ' we had eventually found our own'. When we were serving ourselves at the carvery it would of been a bit more sensible if the serving utensils all had rubber handles to pick your food out with and NOT metal tongs in some of them!! We had nearly all finished eating when the Manager came to our table and noticed one of us were still eating and he said he would be back to clear the table in a minute - after fifteen minutes we left after deciding not to order deserts. We found the organisation front of house to be non existant and if it would every be busy total mayhem would rule, as there was approximatley two dozen people in the whole pub. We went to go to the Coash & Horses but could not get a table for forty minutes as it was full to capacity (as normal) so came to the Thinford as we had young children with us who could not wait. Next time we will book a table at the Coach & Horses as there you get good service and there is never problem with purchasing drinks, food or staff attitude.
Monday, June 6, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Never again
Visited the Thinford with my wife and daughter for the Sunday carvery after spotting the advert outside for 5.99.
Once inside we found those prices are for mid week only, and on a Sunday the price is 7.99 for the carvery.
The chicken meals that my wife and i had were Ok but the pork that my daughter had was absolutely disgusting, very fatty with more fat than meat, and there was even a large pigs nipple on the plate, which very nearly made my daughter vomit. We complainred of course but were refused a refund as she had eaten some broccoli but she was offered more meat or a free dessert, which didn't make up for the appalling plate of fat she was given. There was also no aplogy other than from the waitress. We will never be returning or reccomending this place.
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Rating: rosettes

Very disappointed
Been here a few years ago and it was very friendly and clean then, but now dark and dingy and could do with refurbishing. The service was very slow due to no staff there at all. We had carvery and the meat was very fatty and the rest of the meal was cold, gravy looked like it had been there since the morning (all conjealed). Won't be going back
Friday, July 30, 2010
Rating: rosettes

I go regularly, as my Mam and Granny enjoy carveries so we go out once a week, and choose Thinford because it is the nearest.
It is very hit and miss. Some days amazing, others, not so much. If you get in when it first opens it is usually better. The size of cuts seem to be dependant on the chef and service dependant on who is working, so if you're lucky you will have an amazing. If not, something sub par.
Thursday, May 27, 2010
Rating: rosettes

a few friends get together every week for a meal this week we went to the thinford and had the nicest carvery i every had .The staff were very helpfull during to one of our party is handcapped. We will definatly be going back again well done to the thinford
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Rating: rosettes

Sue A
Very disappointing
Our girls monthly get-together chose the Thinford for its offer of a carvery (10 for two including soup) mid-week. Arrived for 7.30pm to find only 2 out of 3 meats available, and all the veg. dried out. Only two of the 5 veg were topped up - literally on top of the dried up stuff! Only 1 dessert on the specials board was available (not updated) then, when I ordered coffees was told machine switched off. No-one had the sense to ask us beforehand. Not as if it was busy - only 2 other couples in the whole time. By 9.45 place was empty. Will NEVER recommend or return.
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Rating: rosettes

Pete R
We had a xmas day meal 2009, very disapointing, meal was cold, plates cold, as were the so called freshly brewed beverages, that were served from stainless steel pots just left on a table not even on a hot plate. over all very disapointed.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Rating: rosettes

Allan Hodgson
Excellent service.The meals were freshly cooked.Soup of the day was thick and hot ! Best chips I have ever had .Very good atmosphere. Will go back again for sure.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Rating: rosettes

angie winston
having been here in the past, we decided to try again having been ok but nothing special, we were told by the only bar staff to find our table come back to the bar and pay,so we did just that then made our way back to the carvery to get our food as we were both so hungary,we waited at least 4 minutes for the chef to come and cut our meat, with no warmly greeting hello or kiss my ass,asking us what we wanted with a bit of an attitude we were horrified at the treatment, hell i thought what a way to treat your guests! he was dripping with sweat a real turn off and to top it all hardly any meat on both plates, we moved up and got our veg and so on, the gravy pot had a thick crust on the top as though it had been stood for centuries,anyhow went to seats only to find no cutelry salt and pepper so i had to go and serve myself as there was no staff anywere in sight,being seated once again my plate looked miserable lacking in meat the veg was cold and the gravy tasteless like stodge,very dissapointing all round as having such a nice day in durham and this just spoilt it ... must say that we were the only customers in there well that speaks volumes will definately not be going again they just lost another 2 customers, and the decor looked like it could of gone 10 rounds with some washing up liquid!! wonder what gordon ramsay would make of the thinford inn!!!!
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

Mary Blacker
We booked a table and went with friends on Saturday 8/8/2009 for 8pm. Could not put drinks on the Bill- showm to a table at 8.05pm - and were told they stopped serving food at 9pm- 'Enjoy your meal'.
The carvery vegetables were very unappetising - broccilli was actually burnt- further vegetables were produced- very disappointing - unwelcoming.
Monday, August 10, 2009
Rating: rosettes

late sunday lunch
out of desperation and hunger we stopped at thinford inn. we were pleasantly surprised at decor and food was good.Only complaint was that service was poor with staff standing gossiping next to us as we ate and were unhelpful.Would give it again on a week day
Sunday, August 17, 2008
Rating: rosettes

Mrs K Donnelly
very happy customer
i recently visited the Thinford inn and i recieved a warm welcome from the staff, through out the meal they couldn't do enough to help and the food was cooked to perfection (we all had Steaks). I can definatley say that we will now make a return visit
Thursday, May 4, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Unhappy Customer
Went with family for sunday Lunch. Everybody's vegatables totaly raw. Informed manager, but no mention of refund, or even replacement. Poor service, certainly won't be returning there again.
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Kitchen Manager scaked for cleanliness issues
Saturday, November 13, 2004
Rating: No rosettes

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Thinford Inn
County Durham

Tel: 01388 819394
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