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 Blessington Carriage, Derby


Blessington Carriage
13 Chapel St

Tel: 01332 365988
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Beer Garden * Kids Welcome

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worst run pub in derby
if you are thinking of running an event i would not consider this venue as i have found that out the hard way!!!. the landlord i fount to be extremely rude i have never had to deal with someone so rude in my life i run a charity event for oxfam and fount out that the pub had sold tickets i gave them to sale for the event but had kept the money as well as not keeping to a deal of 10% of bar takings going to the curse as well as just not keeping to any agreements they had made. this is bad enough but when its charity what as been ripped off its just discussing
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

craig roberts
Always a great place to be
I would recommend the bless to anyone. its the best bar in derby by a hell of a long way, iam 33 and i started drinking in there when i was 18, i have never once seen any trouble in there. the bar staff have always been fantastic the food is good the drinks are good and they always have some kind of offer on something. it mostly caters for indie and rock and grunge styles of music and thats great for me. the place is so relaxed you dont have to be on guard in case theres any trouble going to errupt, i recently went there on a friday night. there was 15 of us from work the age range was from 28 upto 71 and the dj played songs to suit all, no one looked out of place, i could carry on and on and on, this place is great. try it
Saturday, July 3, 2010
Rating: rosettes

The bar maid...
I must admit that i have also suffered the rath of an unruley bar maid. most probably the same one she had a lip piercing with brown hair. funnily enough weather you were drunk or not the manager would of asked you to leave as he is in a relationship with the bar maid.
They are often cuddling behind the bar and to be perfectly honest i would never drink there again.
There are some lovely pubs in derby but unfortunatley the Bless scores a fail on behalf of the rude and unprofessional staff.
Sunday, February 22, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

sam bethell
Visited this pub on Friday night 26th Jan 2007 to join a bunch of friends. A pub fequented some 20 years ago by both my parents. No problem gaining entry. Was asked by the bar staff for ID. Wouldn't accept my home office approved Citizen Card. Don't have a driving licence. Was then un-serimoniously man handled to the front door by one of the door staff! On whitnessing this, my friends (12 in all) drank up and left. Don't think we will be retuning! Well done Blessington!
Monday, January 29, 2007
Rating: No rosettes

Gary Bolton
Excellent Bar
I have frequented this bar for many a nights for many a years, and have yet to be treated badly by any staff or fellow customers in the bar. the atmosphere is relaxed where you can go for a drink comfortably and see no violence,an excellent pub !!! I visit it every evening after work for a casual drink or 2.
Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Miss Collins
fantastic pub!
I have been and will be visiting the blessington carriage for many years. In these years I have been greated by nothig but polite memebers of staff who serve up a decent standard of food. The music is always varied and caters to most people, although swaying towards the rockier side. Even on a weekend night I have never been greated by voilence or rudeness and I would recommend giving it a try.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Complaint regarding the staff at the Blessington
On Fri 17th March 06 I called into the Blessington Carriage for a drink with a friend. On being served at the bar as the bar maid was bringing my ordered drinks over I was searching through my bag for my money so that I could pay her, which I unfortunately couldn't find. I explained to the bar maid, 'I can't find my money so could you please put the drinks behind the bar until I've sorted it out', to which she immediately became verbally aggressive, shouting, 'put exactly where behind the bar, you're drunk!'. Although shocked by her unsympathetic reaction, I was much too concerned as too possibly having lost my money, so I didn't react and went with a friend to the toilets and emptied out my bag where I luckily found my money which has slipped out of a pocket in my bag into the bottom of my bag. I then went back up to the bar with my friend to purchase the drinks that I'd previously ordered and was looked over to but totally ignored by the bar maid, so I went up to her and asked to see management to which the bar maid replied, 'No!'. She then walked off and I saw her talking to one of the male bar staff. Another bar maid was walking by, so I caught her eye and asked her if I could speak to management, to which she went up to the same man that the unpleasant bar maid was talking to. After a good few minutes the bar manager came over and my friend and myself started to explain what had happened, and we were blocked by him, also saying that I was drunk, and that he could serve my friend but if she gave me alcohol she would be committing an offence! I tried to talk to him, saying to him that if he listened to me that I was totally coherent and in no way drunk, to which he very patronisingly answered, 'I can't understand a word you're saying love!' I can honestly say that I wasn't drunk, as my friend any myself hadn't gone out till late, my friend was driving and we were having a quiet evening out, and we had both only had one glass of wine before we went into the Blessington carriage. I'm still upset by the incident, firstly because the bar maid was so unnecessarily unpleasant and secondly that the manager had already made up his mind that his bar maid was in the right before he'd even spoken to me, and it ruined what had been up till then a perfectly nice evening. I'm hoping that you will post this complaint on your web site as I wasn't given room to complain on the evening concerned.
If I had of been drunk I would of held my hands up to it and been mortified that I'd caused offence to people, but as it was I was sober and because of the pure unpleasantness of the situation and the people concerned I will not be going into the Blessington carriage ever again!
Monday, March 20, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

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Blessington Carriage
13 Chapel St

Tel: 01332 365988
See Map


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Blessington Carriage

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