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 Belle Vue, Blackpool, Blackpool/Fylde


Belle Vue
Whitegate Drive

Tel: 01253 307941
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  Central location on a bus route  
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food sport and music!
great place and atmosphere, live bands are on! sports on the teles. sometimes a long wait on food but expected in these types of chains: good value grub! staff and management absolutely lovely couple. been there about 3 years now and dont accept any trouble! great pub! keep up the fab work guys
Friday, December 23, 2011
Rating: rosettes

toilets need cleaning, no soap in dispensers
Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Rating: rosettes

Leanne Crothers
Deputy manager and Barmaid abusive and rude!!
I came to the BelleVue and expected a awful experience, I went to the bar and ordered food! I ordered a steak and chilli con carne! Whilst I waited fr the food to come, my husband went to get the drinks! As the food came, the waitress slammed the plates on the table and was like here you go, in total shock, i told my husband what had happened and he called the deputy manager over (sturn faced mule) He didn't even apologised! Then to top it off my husbands steak was not cooked right! He said he couldn't change it! Which I think is bang out of order!! As we payed!! The next day I had food poisoning from the chilli con carne! Overall I would not recommend anyone to come to this disgraceful pub!
Friday, June 24, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Charlotte Clough
Girl with I.D could not get served!!!
I come in the Belle Vue all the time with my family!! And it's our local! Yet the barstaff refused to serve me, as she thought I was underage!! Which the girl has served me on several occasions knowing that my passport had run out aswell as my mate, Whilst been here we experienced a awful atmosphere,, Yet when the deputy manager came to speak to us! He was abusive and rude!! I'm 19 and the manager knows me, my dad bought me a drink as they would not serve me!! And the scole faced man came over and said I can't drink my drink!! And then said to all his barstaff not to serve me or my family! When they didn't do anything wrong! Yet the barstaff was bang out of order! Second time I went to the bar, she would not serve me, even though I only wanted a lime and lemonade! It was the most unwelcome place to be in! As all the staff were staring and bitching about me, so overall i would not say its a nice pub to be in and the atmosphere was shocking,, Next time I will go in with a different I.D and expect to be served!!
Friday, June 24, 2011
Rating: rosettes

P Quinn
Racist remarks should be removed.
Mr Hilton's continually refering to the Scottish Deputy Manager at the Belle Vue as 'jock' is racist and his review should be edited or removed. Frankly, if that his his attitude then God only knows what sort of pub he runs!
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Rating: rosettes

J Hilton
Spoilt Easter
Drove 300 miles to visit my Mum who recommended the Belle Vue for some food on Sun 4th April. The place was packed and the staff were brilliant APART FROM the deputy manager. A Scottish chap who did not smile for the 3 hours we were there!!! After a long wait for a table (the nice staff advised of the wait) I ordered the combo meal and asked for my steak to be cooked rare. When it arrived the staek was more well done, so I asked one of the staff to change it for a rare one - I must add I thought I had ordered a rib eye. When the staek came back I suggested to the (polite waitress) that it should be a rib eye, so she took it away again. About a minute late the 'angry Jock' vitually threw my steak onto the table and loudly said, the meal you ordered comes with rump!! I could see that the steak was rump and probably the worst one he had in the kitchen. While he was still at the table I tried to cut it, to no avail and said just take it away I will do without (I had my 70 year old mother with me and didn't want to cause a scene). When I had finished my meal, which I have to say was good value, I went to the bar and explained about not having a steak; the lovely waitress said she would speak to the deputy manager about a refund. The mad Jock stormed over to our table and tried telling me that the first steak I had was cooked rare and shouldn't have been changed and that there was nothing wrong with the second steak. By this time I was really cheesed off with his attitude and lack of professional customer service and told him as much, I was so annoyed I did swear, but apologised immediately. Anyway long story short he asked me to leave the pub. I advised him that I would not leave and would gladly talk to the Police who he said he was going to call, I then re-joined my Mother at the table. A couple of minutes later one of the girls came to the table, apologised for everything and gave me a full refund on my meal. As far as I am aware she was not part of the management team, BUT SHE SHOULD BE. She had done what the yellow bellied deputy manager Jock should have done in the first place.
In conclusion the atmosphere and staff are great, its a family friendly pub that you will enjoy - they just need to sort out the deputy manager...
If the owner or manager want to contact me regarding my comments please feel free to do so.
PS. I run a pub in Wales and so can speak from experience.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

live bands back at th belle vue well its about time what a great pub you can go for a lovelly meal then watch the live entertainment at a very good price, me and the mrs had 2 steak dinners for a total of 6.50 and a pint for only 1.79 what ever your doing guys keep it up its good to see the pub packed out and buzzing again.
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Rating: rosettes

Getting Better
I returned to the Belle Vue on the 23rd Dec 08 after a 6 months absence. I have to say things look better again with the return of live music. We had a great evening. Well done the new Management Team. Keep the live bands alive throughout 2009
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Rating: rosettes

toni williams
Been working away for 4 mths ,went back to the belle as i so enjoyed before ....
what a misstake all the old drug taking idolts are back ,yes it was bussier on the bar but it was very quiet on the food side.When i ordered a steak which came out over cooked .I complained but staff just didnt care.I will not be going back in .what happen to the other managers they talked to you and listern if there was a problem,not that there was one.
I know he looked like that johnie vegas ,but the place has gone backwards and down hill.
Sunday, December 14, 2008
Rating: No rosettes

paul & karen watkins
what an improvement
i have been going in the belle vue for a few years now and have seen it take a nose dive this past year or so, however the company has put in a new management couple with a great local reputation they have only been there 4 weeks and already the place has improved dramatically, they are very freindly and will do anything to help i had a night out in there on saturady and it was party night it was great and the place was packed, well done to the company and well done to the new managers.
Sunday, November 9, 2008
Rating: rosettes

pool tonight
if you were un aware the bell vue are playing in the sizzler semi final tonight against the unstoppable force that is the shewood cup holders :) please do your best to turn out and provide a much needed shoulder to cry on
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Rating: No rosettes

r m haggerty
visited this pub yesterday
I popped into the belle yesterday for a quiet pint and snack.
The staff were lovely but I have to say it was the worst burger I have ever had. The bacon was a postage stamp size of fat, cheese a 50p size and burger burned round edges. Chips soaked in fat.
When I commented on this after leaving 2/3rds of food on plate, the staff did apologise, but i thought i should they should have offered my money back. This was a treat for me as i am on a pension and it left a bad taste in my mouth - i wont be back or take my family in there. Yes its cheap, so is the food and the staff prob underpaid. I would rather pay more and get better grub.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Rating: rosettes

richard maybury
under new management
The belle vue is now a community pub with a strong emphasis on food and fun, yes the management and staff have changed but for the better. Drugs will not be tolerated at all. management are injecting fun back into the community and are not so sorry if a few inapropriate people have been kicked out, go elsewhere ! we locals want a clean local pub, with good food, good service and a non drugs atmosphere !!
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Rating: rosettes

tony williams
the belle is no longer a rock venue with drugs ,loud music ,and the police raids .thank god .
you can now enjoy your self with friends and family 7 days a week .
the food is great had a rump steak for only 3.99 .the new mangerment make you feel at home well done to the pub company
Monday, January 15, 2007
Rating: rosettes

Changing The Belle Yue was the best way to RUIN one of the BEST live music venues around. Has anyone in senior management ever run a live music venue which WAS taking money. VERY dissapointed.
Sunday, November 5, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Local (41 years)
Not a good idea
Do you love real ale? Then skip this place. The Saddle is only 15 mins. walk away.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

Bev from Rochdale
absolutely brilliant night
was at the belvue on 12th march acbc were on they were brilliant the pub was heaving with people and there was a brilliant atmosphere ,was there with my boyfriend andy for my birthday we met some really nice people and a couple of the local characters too yes trigger you thought you were the star of the show that nite with your dancing,but when bon scott got me an the stage and sang to me whilst i danced i stole the show ha. anyone who loves live music must definately check this place out .fantasic. if anyone reads this who is in contact with acbc could you please give my email address to the drummers girlfriend as she took some photos of me on the stage and i would love to get copies of them ,thanks.
Sunday, March 13, 2005
Rating: rosettes

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Belle Vue
Whitegate Drive

Tel: 01253 307941
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Saturday, January 29, 2022

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