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 Bay Horse Hotel, Thornton Cleveleys, Blackpool/Fylde


Bay Horse Hotel
Station Rd
Thornton Cleveleys

Tel: 01253 852324
See Map

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Peter Armistead
Got to say a nice local pub to have in the area, however very disappointed with the Battle of the Bands this year!!
When a young band, one of the best around, is told yes you can play then, because we have had a personal arguement with the organisers son, no there is no room then it comes down to being really petty!!
Never mind Jekyll you will have to be content with winning the Wyre Schools Battle of the Bands contest that took place last week at the Lecture Hall (attended by the Mayor of Wyre) and what a nice prize went with it too!
All I can say is your loss Papa Greywolf missing out on these three really talented lads!!
Anyone wanting to see them next gig is at the Gasworkers Fleetwood on Tram Sunday!! Cheers
Friday, July 13, 2012
Rating: No rosettes

Just been to the open day, 2nd time in as many years. Total disgrace,real ale ran out at 3pm, like last year,toilets were a health harard like last year.The filth was beyond belief.The manager needs to go,(fat scruffy bloke)he is not fit to manage,very sad as it could be a good pub.I wont be going again.
Sunday, July 17, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Paul S
Anti-Papa Greywolf campaign
Can I start a campaign to remove this loathsome individual from the Bay Horse if not the planet. He ruins every evening I have in this, my local pub with his dire taste in music and his insistence on shouting to his pals across the pub using the ultra-loud DJ system. The pub is great, the beer well-kept, but you cannot hear yourself think when this idiot is in the spotlight.
Thursday, July 14, 2011
Rating: No rosettes

Pub Crawler
Bay Horse
Friendly pub with reasonable choice of food, though depending on the dish not always good value for money Good play area for the kids
Thursday, November 9, 2006
Rating: No rosettes

Rex Perkins
The grass is purple on the sidewalk
give permission us primary spin our consideration en route for the raise region. I judge they dub it the Winnipeg division? well, one go up and doing readily available on the road to flight the riff raff and of itinerary the menace of the distorted snails. at what time each and every one of a swift, the single they describe member of the clergy charcoal fiend insert a microphone out of bed your absent nostril, challenging to facilitate winning the commencement of the barbershop group of the unqualified nonsense he's a propos to engage in recreation, you furnish it your the entire, and snot addicted to it. distant commencing so as to, gorgeous substance. under the weather exit once more.
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Miss Manchester of the cellars
angry molluscs
Let us first turn our attention to the raised area. I believe they call it the Winnie Wing? Anyway, one goes up there to escape the riff raff and of course the danger of the mutant snails. When all of a sudden, the one they call Father charcoalbeast inserts a microphone up your left nostril, demanding that upon the onset of the chorus of the utter twaddle he's about to play, you give it your all, and snot into it. Apart from that, lovely stuff. I'll go again.
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Ghengis Adams
Howl of the Wolf
The landlord and landlady of this establishment are extremely pleasant people, although I must stress my concern at the cost of the ear transplant which I was forced to have due to the resident DJ playing his music at around 76.3 million decibels. There was also a random balletdancing surrealist, who I believe hails from Wesham, but apart from that, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Rating: rosettes

Edith Blanck
The Wolf Sucks
I enjoyed my visit to this lovely country type place, only to have my day ruined by someone known as Papa Grey Wolf. This man is an absolute disgrace, the comments made on that evening were something I even cringed at, and I have seen the times. I do not wish to go to a pub only to be asked about my sexual habits from someone with a microphone nonetheless.
Monday, February 28, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

Bob Geldof
Local Pub For Local People
This pub is for local people and you would be advised to stay away, for if you are not local you shalt feel the pain of being eaten by many mutated snails. Papa Grey Wolf is a disgrace to society and should be shot for crimes against humanity!!
Monday, February 28, 2005
Rating: No rosettes

uncle lards no. 1 fan
best pub in the world
truly is the best, tony duncan is a legend, as is papa greywolf, and uncle lard and marky mark, and everyone else
Monday, December 20, 2004
Rating: rosettes

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Bay Horse Hotel
Station Rd
Thornton Cleveleys

Tel: 01253 852324
See Map


Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Bay Horse Hotel

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