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 Cloisters Public House, Tollcross, Edinburgh


Cloisters Public House
26 Brougham St

Tel: 0131 221 9997
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About the Pub
  Take a 'pew' in this former manse (ministers)house and enjoy the peace of this popular pub. There are at least nine real ales and dozens of whiskies to have a go at and home cooked food is served until 4pm daily. The stone walls are decked with lots of large mirrors and there is a small bookcase in a corner nook. The hand pumps are of ornate blue Delft pottery on the square bar. The amenities are down a spiral wrought iron staircase. This is the place to go for good beer and a read of the papers.
Linda - July 2002
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Great pub, great beer, good atmosphere great staff... apart from the girl with dreadlocks. I honestly have never been so fecked off with a member of bar staff as i have with this girl. I have ALWAYS been nothing but polite to her, as have my friends and yet every time i go in there she is unbelievably rude and confrontational. Since when has shouting Yes? at someone when they're looking at the beer board been an ok way of getting their attention and asking what they'd like? I can accept people having a bad day but she is permanently in a furious mood. I'm not the only person to complain of this, I've heard loads of people remark about her after coming back from the bar. I don't bother going in there now as the thought of having to order a beer off her totally puts me off. It's just massive hassle when all i want to do is have a beer in the only pub in the area worth visiting. Get rid of her and you have a 5 star pub, probably the best in Edinburgh. Shame.
Sunday, February 19, 2012
Rating: rosettes

Douglas Quadceps McRegal
If anyone was there it was me
I was there when the Americans were told to show or go. Big Baz the barman (the Bazmanian Devil to regulars) put down his cheeseburger and asked the girls and bloke to show ID since they were all very skimpily dressed. They refused and called him a douchebag (dunno what that is). Baz escorted them out and one of the girls kicked over a sign outside and shouted take a hike, tubby! to Baz.
Cloisters is a lovely family pub that does not need that rowdy behavior. Baz Whopper With Cheese XL the Barman is quick to defuse any situation though.
Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Rating: rosettes

Funny how both the last 2 comments (1positive and 1 negative) bear little or no relation to what actually did happen the day the americans were there. There wasn't a sandwich in sight!
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

Rubbish Service
I was also in the the day the Americans got ejected. They never looked under 21 didnt look like neds but fair enough they were finishing their sandwiches when they entered. (but thats probably because the food in there takes ages to be served)
Monday, February 16, 2009
Rating: rosettes

Good Pub
I saw the american group being kicked out- it was well deserved. They took up one of the largest tables for at least 20 minutes without a single drinks order, and proceeded to eat their own food in front of the bar staff.

Treat a place with respect, and you will be respected back.

Cloisters is a good quiet pub, serving a wide variety of quality ales and whiskys.
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Rating: rosettes

Ian Jones
On the subject of I.D.
Well, yes and no. The US Driving License will have looked real enough so why not accept it or did they have baby faces?
We Brits give The Yanks enough grief when they are adamant about I.D. but must we be so awkward? Let common sense prevail
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Rating: rosettes

The voice of reason
RE alicia
Any premises with an alcolhol licience found guilty of serving under 18s will lead to huge fines and loss of licience.
It it therefore your obligation to verify your (or your guests) age.
In many other countries a uk driving licience will not be considored a valid form of ID as it is not recognised in that country.
If you worked on a bar and someone offered a foereign ID, how would you know it is not a forgery ? Unless you were from that country and could recognise a fake or valid ID ?? Obviously you wouldnt be able to tell , therefore i think they made the right choice by not serving you.

Have a good day
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Rating: rosettes

Boycott Cloisters
The horrendous treatment I received here has led me to launch a campaign to boycott Cloisters. I am an American who has studied and worked in Edinburgh for the past 2 years and have never had a problem ordering a drink anywhere. That is until I tried to show my visiting American friends, age 23 and 26, what a cute, cozy pub was like in Edinburgh. I chose Cloisters because it was a bitterly cold night and they have a fireplace, and the lack of loud music would have made it ideal for us to complete a few crosswords. We had barely sat down for 3 minutes before the bartender intensely asked us if we would be buying a drink or just sitting. Feeling rushed to buy a drink (most places give you a moment to think of what you want and to survey what’s on tap), my 23 yrs old friend went up to the bar to order. She promptly came back and said she needed to get her ID that she had left in her wallet. Her boyfriend of 26 went back up to the bar with her where we were rudely told that they only accepted passports or UK driver licenses, (our passports were at the B&B or home) and that our American driver licenses were invalid. Then, we were condescendingly told that we had to be over 18 to legally be allowed in the pub, and since we could not verify our age with the appropriate documentation, we would have to leave. I have never been treated so rudely! None of us looked underage, and the manner with which he asked us to leave was very unprofessional and discriminatory. Cloisters is advertised in many American guide books of the city, so you would expect them to recognise American IDs coupled with strong American accents. But apparently they want to keep their pub exclusively British. I will never again set foot in Cloisters, and I will definitely make sure than any other Americans that are thinking of visiting Edinburgh should know to avoid such a terrible place.
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Rating: No rosettes

Not so quiet at weekends
This is a great pub although if you've come to this listing via the 'quiet pubs' link then I would advise you to go during the day and during the week. It is quiet in the sense that there is no music, but it is usually very busy unless you get 'lucky' and happen upon a night when everyone else seems to have found something better to do.
Monday, September 26, 2005
Rating: rosettes

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Cloisters Public House
26 Brougham St

Tel: 0131 221 9997
See Map


Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Cloisters Public House

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