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 Port Customs Bar, Stirling, Stirling/Clackmannan


Port Customs Bar
61 Port St

Tel: 01786 473082
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Best Pint In The Town
This is a local proper family run pub (who have had it for just over 16 years so they must be doing something right) with amazing staff who are eager to serve you,the place is very clean and welcoming and there is always some sort of sport on the 3 televisions either football,racing uk or at the races.They sell the best pint in the town and have a brilliant range of gins and top end vodkas at reasonable prices as well as really good prices on regular spirits oh and they also do a house vodka or whisky for only 1.35 and if you double up on any spirit you get a free draught mixer,what more could you want !!!! PS. a little note to the person who visited in 2007,go back now, the toilets got refurbished a few years ago and are now probably the cleanest toilets of any other pubs in stirling and if you want to see the penguin he's in the wallace at causewayhead !!!!!!
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Rating: rosettes

Gary McGregor (not related)
Visit this pub (it's not mine - honest!)
Come to the Port Customs where the owner Gary McGregor will make you feel right at home. You will get served in under 1 minute. You will experience a true old Stirling pub. The staff are trained to the highest standards of excellence to ensure that your visit to Stirling is one to be remembered. So much so that you will probably pass on the story of your visit to your grand weans in years to come. We accept Tartan Army Supporters and anyone with an interest in Football, Horse Racing, Golf and Croquet. We think we are the best small pub in the World but you will have to visit to find out if that's true. There are strangers you have yet to meet. 'Kay-Meel-Falcha' means 'A hundred welcomes' in Garlic and we will give you one hundred more. And I will walk a thousand yards to see the wee man at the door. This pub is the favourite of the famous Sean Connelly so why not pop in and ask for him. He sometimes works behind the bar (to feel like a normal human being) but please do not mock his speech impediment as that is discrimination (which is something we do not tolerate as we are an eco-friendly pub). So why not give us a visit and Ally Bally my Pot Man will take you on a free guided tour of the pub cellars (Miners lamps provided). There you can discover the kegs and cases which adorn this Aladdin's Cave of alcoholic delight. Then why not sample some of our fine brew - barside!!!
Friday, June 27, 2008
Rating: rosettes

Ally Bally
Business as usual
There has been a big improvment in this pub over the last few months due to the previous manager (Robert The Penguin) leaving. Much more relaxed , good service and great chat. This is reflected by the fact that most days (and evenings) the pub is one of the busiest and most successful ones in the area.
Friday, June 6, 2008
Rating: rosettes

Rupert T Firefly
A local pub for local people
First impressions count they say so I entered the pub to find it decorated like my old grans front living room from the 1950's. Chandeliers no less to match the finest car boot sale curtains that adorn what has to be the smallest pub in Stirling. To make matters worse the customers seem to be the fattest in Stirling so it's quite interesting trying to make your way to the toilets on a Saturday afternoon. Some people opt for the 'out one door- in the other' trick which seems to avoid any unecessary intimacy with the locals. Drinking here is a bit like eating a Chinese meal, one burp and your hungry five minutes later. Well it's like that here - two people leave and the pub feels empty - which incidentally it is most nights but it's much busier during the day and during sporting events, namely the football. This pub has Sky so attracts a fairly mixed group of clientelle. Strangely most either support Rangers or Celtic which is no use as at half time as you have to change ends of the bar. There is a wee guy selling pies at half time - no sorry that's the barman coming round with the bonus ball. On the subject of the barman he has to be a dead ringer for the Penguin out of Batman or at least a near relative. Entering the toilet I am met by what looks and smells like a pish stained toilet floor - yes this truly is the pub of men. Unfortunately on the day I visited I decided to use the cubicle for a sit down (you know what I mean) and I was surprised to see the largest 'cuban cigar' I have ever seen staring at me. It was one of those special air filled ones that float but don't flush. Probably the dirtiest toilets I have ever been in, in my entire puff. Drink in this pub at your peril - if the locals don't get you the dysentery certainly will!!
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Rating: rosettes

friendly,very busy pub
great location,mainly full of locals who make visitors very welcome,best prices in the town centre also shows racing and sky sports.lots to look at on the gantry.
Sunday, March 12, 2006
Rating: rosettes

Contact us

Port Customs Bar
61 Port St

Tel: 01786 473082
See Map


Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Port Customs Bar

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