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 Dores Inn, Inverness, Inverness-shire


Dores Inn

Tel: 01463 751203
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A place no longer to visit
Like the post from someone called Julieanna, after visiting the Dores Inn since the year 2000, I would no longer go there. Everything has been said that needs to be said. I knew the previous proprieters there, and it was a lovely little pub with a good atmosphere,but now it would seem that all the new people are interested in is your money, regardless of anything else. Their loss i'm afraid.
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Rating: No rosettes

Long term customer.....won't be back!!!
My husband and I have been visiting this area 4/5 times per year for many years. We had often dined at Dores under the previous management and had never been disappointed; infact we often felt like old friends as the staff always remembered us and the atmosphere was welcoming.
Since the change in management we have returned on three occassions and each time we have been treated more rudely than the previous! From being told we did not have a booking when it was clearly written in the reservation book, to being made wait over an hour for our table, not being given menus and nasty stares when we requested them......we had obviously disturbed the young lady waitress who was obviously far too busy flirting with the tables of 6 or more diners...... Dores has NOTHING!!! Uninterested, rude waitresses, with obviously no training whatsoever and only one vegetarian option on the menu. There are far better places to eat in this area with much more professional staff. A lovely little family pub has been ruined by so called progress. Definately, Dores Inn is a place to miss.
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

staff not very helpful
We booked a table at the dores inn one sunday in may 2010 we arrived on time we said to the girl are name which was clearly in the book the girl gave us a blank look and then said she would have to see the manger we then pointed out are name in the book but she still when off . she then came back and took us to our table . the waitress where not interested us at all there was a older man who was very nice took our order the food was great but there was not a great menu food better in new dores but atmosphere and staff better in old .
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Rating: No rosettes

Pat (from Australia)
My wife and 2 kids had heard about the Dores Inn from a Scottish mate and drove there and had a pretty good meal on the first night. On the second night, couldn't decide what to have. The waiter made a suggestion of Lamb with and entre of Haggis and mash. Both my wife and I loved it; great atmosphere and great host. What an experince. Hope to get back there in the summer to have a beer looking at the great views of Loch Ness
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Rating: rosettes

Good but could be great.
My friend and I had lunch at the inn today. As an Asian ,I was a little concerned after reading a previous review but decided to try it anyway.

The place was busy but the service was very good. I was particularly impressed by the owners attention to detail regarding table service.

The starters were about average but the roast beef was brilliant. We did not have pudding but the tea/coffee were good. All this for £20/- with a glass of house red.

The place was neat and clean but a little claustrophobic.

To put it on record I did not feel that I was treated any different by the staff. They were polite and pleasant. Good on you Michelle.

My suggestion-if possible increase the prices and decrease the no' of tables. The place would then be a class apart.

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Rating: rosettes

inverness girls
doors inn brill place to be, relax and socialise nothing better than chilling out at the bar with few drinks and a scoff, even better when the weathers nice so you can sit outside.
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Rating: rosettes

Had meal at Dores Inn last night. Booked two weeks ago after good reviews. Arrived at 7pm for 7.30pm booking. Asked if table was ready but told not not yet. No problem as we sat in bar with a drink and waited. At about 7.40pm after no one had come over to us I enquired again about table. Still not ready. While we had been waiting several other groups went straight into restaurant and got tables. At 7.50pm we were given menus to peruse in the bar. 10 minutes later our order was taken. Finally at 8.10pm we went through to restuarant. Still had to wait a while for starters! Menu very disppointing for me, a vegetarian, with only one main course I could eat. Food was good though. Ordered sweets at 9.20pm and they arrived at 10.05pm...I ordered cheese...did they have to make it? Will not go again for all the above reasons. Mustard Seed in Inverness much better also North Inn at Inchmore. By the way I am a white Londoner!
Sunday, October 4, 2009
Rating: rosettes

I was just searching
for an address for the Dores Inn. We have been holidaying in Inverness for the past 5 years; a fabulous place. Again, we are back in August this year and I was searching for walks and places to eat for this year. Came across rave reviews for the Dores Inn. Ended up on this site and am horrified by the comments of Kavisha. Offended 'mate' at the 'bloody white arse trap'. Just who do you think you are
Monday, August 3, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

I've been to Dores Inn 4 or 5 times since it was taken over and have been very impressed each time by the standard of food, value for money and, perhaps especially, the great service. I've been to Dores Inn 4 or 5 times since it was taken over and have been very impressed each time by the standard of food, value for money and, perhaps especially, the great service.
Monday, February 2, 2009
Rating: rosettes

The Dores Inn, what can I say?

The food was fantasic, everything freshly cooked the ales are fantastic! I had the best cajun chicken I have ever tasted and my partner had haddock and chips better than any Whitby haddock i've ever seen. Service was fantastic - Michelle (the leeseholder) and Amy the waitress/bargirl were excellent. They provided top class service and made us feel most welcome.

The Local ales they provide are fantastic, and the butterscotch and baileys cheesecake was out of this world!!!

I'd definately eat there again, and would recomend anyone else do so - you won't be disapointed!
Friday, January 30, 2009
Rating: rosettes

Kavisha Pinto
Appreciate your reply
Hi Michelle,
I was just googling when I came to your page and saw a reply. I know my comments were harsh and though we loved the food we were really put off by the service.

Simon, I am not trying brush all people with the same stroke. What I experienced at Dores Inn was definitely racial. We did meet lots of lovely people during our trip to Scotland and I am not generalizing bad service or behaviour.
Thursday, January 15, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

Michelle Stevens
It's changed! I promise.

I'm really sorry that you had such a bad experience at The Dores Inn last summer. My husband and I took over in October, closed for a month to refurbish and then opened the doors in mid November. Everything has changed - decor, staff, chef's, food ,in fact
everything except the toilets which we are going to do in February!

Please come and see us or visit our page on facebook (The Dores Inn) for up to date comments!

See you soon I hope!
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Rating: No rosettes

Note - the Dores Inn is now under new management and likely to be a different experience altogether. I had a dreadful meal there in the summer but am looking forward to going back to try it again in the New Year.
Sunday, December 28, 2008
Rating: No rosettes

Simon Pulet
Not Sure About Racism
I've read your review and in defence I have to say this is indicative of the service one can expected at the Dores Inn, irrespective of race/creed, so please donít tar all local people with the same brush.
Thursday, September 11, 2008
Rating: No rosettes

Dores Inn - Little Racist Community
We drove from London to Inverfarigaig, a beautiful little village on the Loch Ness.
Our hostess at the B&B suggested a place called Dores Inn where we could have traditional Scottish food (Haggis!).
So off we went, hungry and greedy looking forward to warm Scottish hospitality and some great home cooked food.
When we entered we received no acknowledgement of our presence. Santhosh and I stood at the bar counter for approximately 15 mins. The barmaid and the barboy (whatever!) completely ignored us; no smile, no I'll be with you in 2 minutes. So we stood there feeling like complete idiots, I had half a mind to walk out, but at 9 in the night, in the cold and rain we were not sure if we would find another place to eat.
While the barmaid was busy chatting up other guys at the bar, the barboy who realised we had waited patiently and long enough, offered to take our order.
Few minutes later in popped some white skinned people and they were greeted with a smile, with all the We'll be with you right away and their orders were taken in under 30 seconds.
The food was excellent, really. I had Haggis for the first time that evening and I absolutely love it.
Of course, the food was the only thing at Dores Inn that lifted my spirits. If you're a white person reading this and go Ooooh, but they were so nice when we were up there, shut your bloody white ass trap, I was the one who had to put with Miss I'm the perfect Scottish Barmaid, trying to put on a posh English accent (she was trying to be posh or maybe she was just an insolent little bitch) who cannot serve brown skinned people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Rating: rosettes

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Dores Inn

Tel: 01463 751203
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