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 Selected Comments in June 2017

Peter Green / Spiteri
 Hamish important please contact me
07379516671 thank you...
Thursday, June 22, 2017Rating: rosettes

Colin T. Elder
 Sad memory still of what had been a lovely time !
Perhaps 2004 or thereabouts, which can be verified by the management as the following incident was related the following day by a hand-delivered letter, the following experience happened. I had entered this establishment around 2.30p.m. one day, and perhaps was only one of no more than a handful of other customers. I was greeted by a young bar-tender and had a pint of Guinness, as I remember, sitting at the bar enjoying conversation with the bar-tender. Having left my mother literally across the other side of the street at Jamaica Mews, I left as my intention was to ascertain whether I felt I would like to take my mother across to the bar, who is a lady who has just turned ninety-five years old. Five to ten minutes later my mother and I entered and sat away from the bar enjoying each other's company, and our craic. By around five o'clockish the bar became busier, particuliar as it was nearing the end of some business employees working day. My mother and I had several drinks in an ordered and even fashion and a table to our right became occupied by three, perhaps four respectable younger ladies. After they had sat there for fifteen or twenty minutes or so as they were on my immediate right-hand side I happened to make a civil comment to which they responded happily and another by me to which there was laughter. That was the end of any exchange. I was there to be there with my mother, and had no need of any other company, being always open to persons entering ours should it happen, with grace. When I next went to the bar to order another drink for ourselves, a new bar-tender who had come on duty around five o'clock after serving, said ' could I stay in my own company '. I was bewildered by this but made no mention of it to my mother. Around six thirty time my mother required to go to the toilet, and I escorted her there as there were stairs to it and she did not know where to go anyway. I waited in that ante-room and eventually perched myself on the cushioned window-sill patiently waiting for my mother. Two young gentlemen who were enjoying their conversation after a few moments acknowledged the fact that I was there, so we exchanged pleasantries, and fell silent. Whilst still waiting for my mother the bar-tender appeared at this section and removed some empty glasses and said, ' I thought I said to stay in your own company ', to which I made no response, as he walked away. I escorted my mother back to our seats. A few minutes later I returned to the bar and ordered, and was served. Eventually I returned to the bar once again and was told ' I was not being served '. On my return I discreetly mentioned to my mother, in time, what the situation was, and so eventually we left.

This type of behaviour should never be acceptable. What issue the bar-tender had I do not know I did not ask him. All I should like to end this tale is by saying I am not in the habit of being asked to leave a licensed premises. Indeed I have been known to be encouraged to stay by an establishment's ambience.

I have never returned to this bar !

In every tale there is a story, I trust you never have to tell yours.
Tuesday, June 20, 2017Rating: rosettes

Joe Moulding
Maggie Owens who now runs the Commercial Hotel says in her statement i am the biggest trouble maker in Town and barred from most pubs this is totally untrue as i have never in my entire life been barred from any pub or any where nor am i a trouble maker this is nothing but slander and i intend to sue her ! may i remind Maggie she employed unlicensed doormen on the cheap when she ran the Union Exchange ' note my name is not hidden
Friday, June 16, 2017Rating: No rosettes

Joe Blogs
No comment ? ? ? ?
Thursday, June 8, 2017Rating: No rosettes

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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