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 Selected Comments in Hartlepool

First time here meals were the best I have had for a long time in any pub' service excellent the staff couldn't fault very clean lots of room between tables would go back
Wednesday, July 6, 2016Rating: rosettes

Alan rennie
 Rip off
Made promises that they did not keep and charged a fortune for nothing please stay clear
Thursday, December 17, 2015Rating: No rosettes

Bob stead
 Is them pub closed down
If the pub is getting revamped what are the plans
Saturday, April 5, 2014Rating: No rosettes

Kelly anne
 Very dissapointing
Had a meal there .. Spag bol... Dry as sticks i sent it back and got a refund no flavour and disgusting my husbands steak was tough and the kitchen does not look disirable to me
Sunday, April 21, 2013Rating: No rosettes

Responsable Parent
 Concerned parent
Feel sorry for your Grandaughter
taking the poor little mite to the schooner
Cant understand why she didnt ring
Child-Line ?
Friday, September 28, 2012Rating: No rosettes

absoloutely brilliant experience at the midweek carvery, staff were friendly and helpfull, food was really good and exceptional value for money, even my grandaughter who is very finicky ate quite a good meal for her and wants to go back....we most certainly will return....wtg Schooner staff :)
Thursday, September 27, 2012Rating: rosettes

Bimbo The Head Chef
 Cooked to Perfection
Ate one of the best meals i have ever had it was cooked to perfection the perfect steak.
i knew i would enjoy it as i cooked it and if you order one i will cook it to perfection just for you so hurry up and keep me busy.
Friday, September 21, 2012Rating: rosettes

 Ping Ping
If you could get a view of the kitchen you would not see anything coocking or hear anything apart from the ping of the microwave.
i will never eat here again the gravey was like congealed blood the chicken tasted like cat and the carrots were like an antelopes toe clippings.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012Rating: No rosettes

The comment from 'Sabrina' was not made by a member of staff at The Schooner. We value customer feedback and would be happy to discuss any complaints that customers have. Although sites like this are great for genuine reviews, they are sometimes used to slate rival companies. Your comments about the kitchen are totally unfounded, as we are regularly inspected by Health Inspectors. There is no public access to any part of the kitchen so you would not have been able to view any part of it, although any of our customers are welcome to take a look - we have nothing to hide. I am sorry that you had a bad experience.
Sunday, September 16, 2012Rating: No rosettes

 Bound To Get Snags
i am sorry you didn't enjoy your meal.
we try our best and to be fair you are the first to complain.
So perhaps you had better take a long hard look at your self ?
After all we are only a pub not the Bloody Ritz.
Thursday, August 16, 2012Rating: rosettes

 never again
my friends wanted a get together for my birthday meal, well where do i start ,table dirty ,cutlery dirty,glasses dirty,patato skins full of fat !!then chicken parmo burnt to a crisp,i have never sent food back ever but my friend was so upset she complained ,i got chicken parmo money back well put on table and the lad said sorry ,that was just my meal would take to long to say about my friends food !!,on way to car we looked into kitchen wow never have i seen a dirty hole allowed to cook food for public ,should be closed for good clean and lessons how to cook n clean .never again.
Wednesday, August 15, 2012Rating: No rosettes

rough as rats and just as smelly like a tench
Tuesday, August 14, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Mr Hidatsa
 Wasted Journey
We made a reservation for a meal and when we got there the lady said she knew nowt about it.
how can you run a buisness like that ?
Wednesday, July 18, 2012Rating: No rosettes

 Nice Tits
and a very sexy landlady
Tuesday, July 17, 2012Rating: rosettes

New owners have never ran a pub before, obviously. A mix of flat warm beer alongside barely warm food does not bode well. Why didnt they employ somebody who knows what they are doing
Friday, June 22, 2012Rating: rosettes

John Wilson
 Excellent service/food
After a most disappointing (to say the least) christmas meal at J------S W---F last year, we booked for christmas day. The food,waiting time, service, value for money could not be faulted.Perfect in every way!!
Tuesday, December 27, 2011Rating: rosettes

D Tindale
 Great no hassle pub
Meeting friends, having a few beers good Honest food is what these guys do, with a friendly attitude, Hartlepool can be rough this place is managed well to stop this kind of behaviour
Wednesday, August 31, 2011Rating: rosettes

 what a place to go
there is endless food offers, of good quality, not the usual cheap and chatty, been alot now and cant stop loving the guys behind the bar, go to see them they always welcome you.
Friday, April 16, 2010Rating: rosettes

 Now a chinese eatery
No longer a pub. Now is a chinese retaurant called the wok inn.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009Rating: No rosettes

 No longer there
The Shakespeare has been demolished & shops have been built on the land - opening march 2009
Tuesday, January 20, 2009Rating: No rosettes

 No longer there
The Shakespeare has been demolished & shops have been built on the land - opening march 2009
Tuesday, January 20, 2009Rating: No rosettes

 Nicest Pub in Town ?
Recently refurbished Pub ,
very popular, mixed clientele, good place to start the evening,
an Ember inn,
a thirty something pub.
Tuesday, January 6, 2009Rating: rosettes

 Family pub with sports tv
Family Pub ,open plan,
Sports TV in The bar,
Quiz nights, large carpark,
kids play area, quality pub grub, lots of drink offers,
a mixed crowd,
Tuesday, January 6, 2009Rating: rosettes

Ms A Windross
 good quality food, excellent atmosphere
I use the pub quite frequently, and since it's changed hands can honestly say, a vast improvement, so much so that I am using it for my wedding reception. The food is excellent, and you get a good portion size too. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Friday, August 8, 2008Rating: rosettes

 good laugh
loads of regulars throughout the day, full off youngsters on a weekend. good cheap pub
Sunday, July 20, 2008Rating: rosettes

 It Is now called loons
ok at week ends
70 - 80 theme
Tuesday, December 12, 2006Rating: rosettes

R naisbitt
 Good pub
A well-kept pub in nice part of the Town. Great for meeting point before moving on to the town centre or you can stop there all evening.
Last order 11oclock is early on weekends.
The atmosphere is good all week friendly
Weekends very busy on the evening .The staff are good but still have to wait long time for service at busy prriods , Need a couple more bar persons on an evening
Food is fine
Beer good selection
Larger needs to be colder
No children are allowed
Tuesday, December 12, 2006Rating: rosettes

Gary Tennant
 great atmosphere
full of posh well dressed totty old boy, great place to start a friday evening out, not full of drunken chavs
Friday, October 6, 2006Rating: rosettes

 best pub on the headland
the best oub on the headland by a long way since alan took over
Tuesday, March 14, 2006Rating: rosettes

 give it a try
great live music , friendly atmosphere , good drink , .. recomended
Sunday, March 5, 2006Rating: rosettes

Mr P tighe
My family used this pub to celebrate a 40th birthday party. My wife did the catering and we were charged 100 for the use of a draughty room with a small bar in the corner selling draught drinks from lines that had clearly that had not been cleaned for some time...in short it was bad!.
When we returned to collect the trays and platters etc a day or so later my wife found that she was short of some 20 or so items!!.
The pub denied any responsibility saying that people at the party took them, not so,after some checking we found that..yes maybe a few but not that many.
after visitng the pub a third time we were given some back..but again...not many.
Expensive, awful tasting drink,Bad attitude from staff.
My wife has been catering for many years now and in her own words...

Never again in that place
Thursday, February 16, 2006Rating: No rosettes

 large family pub warm and friendly staff
large family pub, friendly staff, decent pub grubb nice place to relax on a sunday afternoon to watch the footy or to go and get drunk on a saturday night.
Friday, December 2, 2005Rating: rosettes

dave oliver
 White Horse
It's the white house in hartlepool not the white Horse
Wednesday, November 9, 2005Rating: No rosettes

Colin Hayes
 Sunday dinner
Excellent! Just like home.
Wednesday, October 26, 2005Rating: rosettes

ben dover
 bossman is sound
visit the pub its fan babby dozzy
Thursday, June 23, 2005Rating: rosettes

 Monday nights!
Monday night in the hourglass is a night held exclusively for adults with Learning disabilities and their carers. It is an excellent night held in the lounge, with a DJ playing popular and modern music and a bar. The bar staff are extremely friendly and pleasant. It makes a real change from the usual discos for individuals with a disabilty held in community centres and day centres. Well done
Wednesday, February 23, 2005Rating: rosettes

 friendly family pub
This pub has been in the family for twenty years. It is not fancy, and neither are the regulars! But it is a friendly and unpretentious house, and visitors are made wekcome.
Saturday, January 15, 2005Rating: rosettes

Tot Sloan
 Good week end pub
Drinking only, Good pub
Sunday, December 5, 2004Rating: rosettes

karl foster
 how good is this pub
this pub is a cracking place to get hammered. keith is fit as hell and david is actually a lot gay. drink the stella it's cheap.
Sunday, November 14, 2004Rating: rosettes

greensides fan
 spot on
brilliant place best pub in town. david is a bit gay though. keiths really good looking
Thursday, November 11, 2004Rating: rosettes

wigan joker
I've been going to quizzes for years and the Greensides has had its share of quizmasters. The ones I remember were hosted by Terry Hanlon & Billy Blockbuster so they must be the good ones. To to a quiz in the same pub for a long period of time is hard & its gets harder & longer to compile, but to get good quizmasters you have to pay the money (you pay for what you get) and probably the best in town is Taffy, who is still doing 2 quizzes in the town one on a Tuesday in the Junctions Bar and the Pink Domino o.n a Sunday
Sunday, November 7, 2004Rating: rosettes

Amy Hallett
Oh yeah i 4got 2 say there are new quizes there now wich are a lot better, n thats not just 'cos my mam does them.GO GREENSIDES!
Thursday, August 26, 2004Rating: rosettes

Amy Hallett
 Its the best pub in Hartlepool
My mam has recently got the job as assistent manager at the newly refurbished Greenside. I am round there more than she is and I am only 11 years old.I think it is without a doubt the best pub in Hartlepool and the staff are great.Oh yeah n may i just say that I am strongly looking forward to moving back in in two weeks time whilst my mam is doing relief. I LOVE THE GREENSIDE, AND STAFF!
Tuesday, August 24, 2004Rating: rosettes

The Icon
 Belting pub.
Me any my mate Martindale used to go to the quiz every Sunday. We won virtually every week for about 18 months. Sadly the quiz went downhill. Don't know why!
Wednesday, July 2, 2003Rating: rosettes

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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