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 Selected Comments in Penzance

Clive Carter from Oxford
 Seagull Problem
Beautiful Pub with Scenic views over Mounts bay where the Cornish Wreckers would lure unsuspecting Sailors to a watery Grave on the treacherous Rocks.
Food was Delececious as was the Ale
Would have Given it 5 Rossetes
But a Seagull came down and stole my Grandaughters Icecream and cutting her hand meaning we had to take her to hospital to have it stitched.
Friday, April 27, 2018Rating: rosettes

 Wink open ?
Is this pub now re-opened
Wednesday, August 21, 2013Rating: No rosettes

Mr Stuart Paver
Lamorna itself has a lovely feal to it and is very pretty,the pub however is another story.Its not so much the pub as the very misserable and rude little old lady that runs it.We fealt very unwelcome and that the old lady begrudged us being there.All in all a very unpleasant experience from what could be a fantastic little pub,the only way i would visit again is if the pub changed hands!
Wednesday, September 5, 2012Rating: No rosettes

The WINK is exactly as it is and should be.
Long may it continue !!!!!
Tuesday, September 4, 2012Rating: No rosettes

The WINK is exactly as it is and should be.
Long may it continue !!!!!
Tuesday, September 4, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Sid From Nottingham
 Mouth watering
Took Mother in for Dinner yesterday
We Had Cornish Pasty and Chips which was excellent.
After we had Scones with Jam and Real Devonshire clotted Cream and a mug of tea.
which made the mouth water
Saturday, July 14, 2012Rating: rosettes

 Friday night Kareoke
Friday, July 13, 2012Rating: No rosettes

 shit hole
Wednesday, July 11, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Tommy Bray Four lanes
 i agree
Well said Barry
It clearly says on the board the opening hours.
Thursday, July 5, 2012Rating: rosettes

Barry Chapple
 All pubs are the same
Don't just pick on the 'Wink' I have had that from lots of other pubs. Their opening and closing times are on the door and that's that. I work within the tourist business and find it hard to close up. If I stay open for one then I have to stay open for all and then I would not be able to carry on the next day!
Wednesday, July 4, 2012Rating: rosettes

Local Boy
 Still a good pub
Negative comments from emments
still a good pub.
Thursday, June 28, 2012Rating: rosettes

Michelle Bailey
Walked a bit on coast path from Treen. Turned up exactly when pub closed at 2.30 (as the blackboard said outside the door) and as the last lady was leaving of a group of people we were about 15 metres from the door when it was slammed shut an windows were closed theatrically. How rude is that? Maybe the 'Landlady' could've had the courtesey to have come out to say they were about to close?
I believe in two way respect ... this 'lady' in the pub obviously does not.
My mother spent a period of her childhood in Lamorna. I am fiercely proud of that. I rest my case.
Wednesday, June 27, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Barry Chapple
I apologize to Denzil Penburthy. He can spell his real or assumed name any way wants.
Wednesday, June 27, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Barry Chapple
 Support for the Wink
Denzil Penburthy can't even spell his assumed name so not surprising his tirade of unnecessary and unpleasant abuse. I have been visiting the pub for several years from when Diane Drennan and her husband Bob ran it. Bob died a few years back and Dianne has continued on her own doing the best she can. There are no pretensions here it is just an authentic country pub that is also a home for the licensee. The Lamorna Wink is part of the deep atmosphere that draws people to Lamorna Cove. The eccentric and metaphoric dusty vision of the 'Wink' is far better than the 'Mafia' operated car park further down the road. Take it for what it is. There is a lot more than meets the eye!
Tuesday, June 26, 2012Rating: rosettes

The Williams Family
 Couldn't ask 4 more
Just had a fantastic weekend in this pub.
we will be coming back.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012Rating: rosettes

Tommy --Four lanes Kernow
 Train to Redruth Please.
yes it does but like nearly everyother public house in Penzance it's over priced beer and rip off food, better of going dreckley to Redruth or Camborne as Penzance is full of emmets and dossers me ansomes.
Tuesday, May 29, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Len Davey Exeter
full of drunken boorish rugby players. and Cornish nationalists out of their heads.
give it a miss
Tuesday, May 29, 2012Rating: No rosettes

Anthony Peter Keller
 too salty on this occasion
We have very recently eaten at the Navy Inn. I can't fault the portions or quality of the food, but wow how much salt should be in these dishes?!! Too much for our pallettes. This is also backed up another local who recently experienced the same problem. Genuinely hope this is just a blip in an otherwise faultless food venue. Come on guys remove the salt from the food please.
Sunday, December 18, 2011Rating: rosettes

We have visited this pub twice and enjoyed both our visits as we found the establishment to be very quirky, eccentric and in a time warp. We had a pastiy each on our first visit, they were luke warm and not very tasty. The two old ladies seemed as though they couldn't be bothered to serve us and were more concerned about the welfare of their dogs. We visited again yesterday, everything seemed the same, perhaps it was a little more dusty but I had a very refreshing glass of cider and we made conversation with a couple who seemed to be regulars at the pub. This place is in urgent need of some tlc but I can recommend it to those who love eccentricity and enjoy studying knick knacks. The two old ladies who run it are tired and should hand the place over to some new blood to inject life into it, give it a good clean and get it back on its feet without destroying its charm and quirkiness. It's patently obvious the two ladies are no longer physically able to run the Wink. If they carry on as they are doing the pub will die a slow lingering death.
Tuesday, November 15, 2011Rating: rosettes

Spuggy jones
 im happy
i have called in the wink a few time while in cornwall on holiday i love the place and i have a pic of there fire place tht i love i felt nice in the place and i had my kids wi me we sat in side the pub
we didnt call for food just a rest and a small beer which i loved but maybe tht is cause my greatgrand mother was born in cornwall and a pop fer me kids
Tuesday, October 4, 2011Rating: rosettes

Spuggy jones
 im happy
i have called in the wink a few time while in cornwall on holiday i love the place and i have a pic of there fire place tht i love i felt nice in the place and i had my kids wi me we sat in side the pub
we didnt call for food just a rest and a small beer which i loved but maybe tht is cause my greatgrand mother was born in cornwall and a pop fer me kids
Tuesday, October 4, 2011Rating: rosettes

 Unpretentious and relaxing
It depends what you expect really. I have had many relaxing and enjoyable drinks here, and as long as you don't expect it to be a plastic flashy so-called gastropub, it is ok really.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011Rating: rosettes

denzil penburthy
 what a shithole
unfriendly felt about as welcome as a wet fart even though that would smell better than the lamorna stink my grannies undies smell better than that place. The woman looked like she had been exhumed and had no personality just a bad attitude and very abusive. needless to say i will never return to this dive again this is the only place ive ever had to wipe my feet on my way out.
Friday, September 16, 2011Rating: No rosettes

Adam Stoneman
 Must get an award!!!
Words fail me but here goes... Can somebody please buy this pub from this proud lady who should not have to earn a living like this. She should be able to enjoy her dogs and her old age and allow this pub to become a real gem again. I don't know her life story but it was so sad to visit in August 2011, don't look at it as you see it now but how it was twenty years ago. If I had @~$,&^&* spare I'd make an offer and return the pub to a classic local and oasis for the visitors. Please hope this pub lives to fight another day.
Sunday, August 21, 2011Rating: No rosettes

Jane Challoner
Saturday 23rd April I i was taken for a meal at The Nayy Inn as a birthday treat. I was a really lovely meal. I shared a fish platter starter which had lots of smoked fish of various types - really tasty and plenty of it. Followed by grilled fish platter which was several different fish fillets in light dressing served with fresh vegetables. Vey filling and really lovely. By then i was too full to eat dessert however my friend ordered the chocolate pot with pistatio ice cream and strawberries. When it came i knew i was too full to eat a whole one as they were quite large. But a few dibs of my spoon, was enough as i couldnt leave it alone. Best ever. Scrummy!. Wish i had left room to eat one. Next time i will. Couldn't fault the meal or service as staff were lovely despite it being very busy. Thanks for lovely meal. See you all again.
Monday, April 25, 2011Rating: No rosettes

Mrs D.Phillips
 Disappointed again
A couple of years ago,myself & four friends stopped here for lunch,the food was fine,but as I don,t like cold drinks I had coffee with my meal.just before finishing my meal,I asked for another cup of coffee only to be told they were no longer serving coffee.I was a little disappointed by this as it felt that once they'd had our money they could'nt wait to get rid of us & I vowed never to go there again.Today I made the mistake of going there again!This time there were six of us,I went to the bar & asked for two coffees only to be advised I'd need to get them from the kitchen,no problem,I queued at the hatch,only to be told they were not serving coffee today! All the gentleman behind the bar needed to say was sorry,we're not serving coffee today,is there no communication?Needless to say,the two of us wanting coffee did not bother to purchase an alternative drink & will not bother returning to such an unfriendly place,I was obviously right the first time!
Friday, April 22, 2011Rating: No rosettes

The Hollands
 Give it a miss
I'm afraid we have to agree with the negative comments i.e. Bizarre, weird, rude, grubby and unfriendly. Who cares what the beer & food tastes like if you're not made to feel welcome ! Shame as Lamorna itself is lovely and we stayed only 100 yards form the pub.
Monday, April 18, 2011Rating: No rosettes

Ian McLuckie
food was excellent. nice to have proper beer in a restaurant. It all came a little too fast, as expected to be there for some time. Hadn't finished my pint by the time we were on the coffee. It was all over in 45 minutes. Had to go home and watch France lose to Mexico. 15 minutes between courses would be sufficient. Too Rushed!!!
Sunday, June 20, 2010Rating: rosettes

Ian McLuckie
food was excellent. nice to have proper beer in a restaurant. It all came a little too fast, as expected to be there for some time. Hadn't finished my pint by the time we were on the coffee. It was all over in 45 minutes. Had to go home and watch France lose to Mexico. 15 minutes between courses would be sufficient. Too Rushed!!!
Sunday, June 20, 2010Rating: rosettes

 Great Food
Our B&B was just around the corner and we found the pub on the first night. Lovely warm atmosphere and great food. The puddings were fab. Went back 4 nights later for a second time. Again, food great (the venison was historic!). The chef made us a freebie pudding as we had been the first to sample his new menu on on our first night. Again great. Can't understand some of the criticisms.
Tuesday, February 9, 2010Rating: rosettes

The Penzance Two
 Traditional Values
An old fashioned pub that serves a great beer, no 'have a good day here' thank goodness.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010Rating: rosettes

Tracy Thomas
 Bizarre, grubby and rude!
We visited very recently - 18.07.09. Not a warm welcome - were told to sit outside or through there with children so we sat next to the toilets which were extremely smelly. Glasses were dirty and whole atmosphere did not make one want to stay. I come from a village and this was not typical of a warm, welcoming village pub. We felt uncomfortable and unwelcome and rather nauseous on leaving. Lunch - no thank you.
Sunday, July 26, 2009Rating: No rosettes

emily murphy
 cant do attitude
i was realy looking forward to spending some time with family and friends this afternoon by enjoying a sunday lunch!! the only option for veggies was nut roast! as i am 8 months pregnent i can not eat nuts! i asked if they could offer me alternative and they said no. this is unfair and wrong!! a simple sandwhich or soup would have made me happy!!
Sunday, July 19, 2009Rating: No rosettes

 Nice pub, shame about the food & service
Rude managment, the customer is always wrong here. Served up some grey cardboard which they insisted was beef for Sunday Lunch. The meat had obviously been cooked on a previous day or week & reheated in a microwave, It was a pretty awful experience all in all. Will never go there again, do not recommend.
Sunday, July 19, 2009Rating: rosettes

Keith T
 Great staff, good food
Went to the pub whilst having a few days in Penzance. Place busy but got a table. The food was excellent and reasonably priced. Went there two days later and the barman immediately recognised us and remembered my wife had 'slice but no ice' in her drink. Again excellent meal. Had chat with the chef afterwards who was a typical chef i.e. tempremental but a good laugh when you got into conversation. Some of the restaurants in Penzance are very expensive and the food cannot compare with the Navy. Also like the fact that it's a pub as well as restaurant therefore the beer is drinkable unlike most restaurants. Will eat there again for sure.
Sunday, July 12, 2009Rating: rosettes

Pub going customer
 The Navy why bother
I had a very bad experience at The Navy in Penzance. Whilst enjoying a pint with my friends, I picked up the candle, only to be told by the chef that, in a very aggressive way, that I should not touch it as it cost more that the profit he makes on a barrel of beer. He then muttered a four letter expletive under his breath.

Not a nice experience - would not recommend the place.
Friday, June 12, 2009Rating: No rosettes

 Good pub, good prices, Great food
We eat in the pub about once a fortnight it seems to have a mix of locals at bar through to serious foodies. Chef owner bit loud but loveable, very passionate about what he does local seafood a must try, wines good but being a bitter drinker god bless the doom!
Friday, January 23, 2009Rating: rosettes

Barry Chapple
 authentic country pub
can't understand why previous critisism still exists over later good comments!!! No pretentions, a good country pub for those who persevere.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009Rating: rosettes

Martin English
 customer service disgusting
The Navy Inn was recommended to us by our B&B in Penzance. On arrival we explained that due to a serious medical condition I could not eat certain foods. This was met with little understanding but I did mange to find one thing on the menu I could eat. But when it arrived the potatoes were raw. We pointed this out but wre told, very impolitely, that the chef always served his potaotes al dente. Well, these were raw and as my husband explained to the waitress if I was to eat them I would end up in hospital. Nothing was done and the dish that had been taken back to the kitchen was unceremoniously dumped back on to our table. I was pretty fed up by then so I went up to the bar and spoke to the guy who had taken our order but he said nothing would be done but he supposed he could get me some mashed potaotes but we would have to pay extra.
We have never been treated with such distain and lack of understanding and would definitely NOT recommend The Navy Inn to anyone.
Absolutely abismal service and what we could actually eat was pretty foul.
Sunday, November 2, 2008Rating: No rosettes

 Worst Ever!
The worst restaurant experience my wife and I have ever had. Having been a chef myself, I was appalled at the service and owner/chef of this establishment. We ordered a seafood pie and a risotto to share, both tasted ok. After a few bites of the pie, I was biting into an unchewable piece that I found was a scale. Each and every bite thereafter contained scales. I looked at the salmon and found it covered in scales. This was unacceptable. Descaling a fish is a basic culinary rule (for a dish like this), that was not followed. The worst was yet to come. I asked to speak to the manager; the chef/owner came out. I politely told him about my displeasure and asked to have the pie removed from bill (we had only had a few bites), he refused and became very angry, rude, and unprofessional. I felt like I was on an episode of Hell's Kitchen. Do yourself a favor and avoid this restaurant.
Sunday, November 2, 2008Rating: No rosettes

Dino Pavledis
 Lovely suprise find
In Penzance for the wekend, Loveley to find on our last night, simple fresh fish done well, with lovely friendly service. Thank you.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008Rating: rosettes

Eileen Smith
We stayed here, twice, for 2 nights. Friendliest hotel in Cornwall, with excellent food. Breakfast delightful. Dinners of steak and fish were cooked to perfection.
Would go out of our way to go there again! Also very comfortable room and bed, at reasonable rates.
Friday, July 4, 2008Rating: rosettes

 wierd and rude
really unfriendly and rude-still quite interesting-royston vasey stuff.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007Rating: No rosettes

David Kelly
 Do not missing going here
The food is excellent, Drink superb and the staff Friendly. Try to catch the pub when a beer festival is on or when they have Live music as the atmosphere is out of this world.
Sunday, February 4, 2007Rating: rosettes

David Kelly
 Do not missing going here
Sunday, February 4, 2007Rating: No rosettes

George Startin
 What a Pub!
I last went into the Globe in 1967 when Eric was still the Landlord. He needed two walls to hold himself up. I hope it has changed a bit!
Thursday, January 18, 2007Rating: rosettes

 Excellent food and service
When on holiday we stumbled upon the Navy Inn one sunday and discovered a wonderful pub with excellent food. Highly recommended - the newlyn crab is stunning, and everything else just as good for a very reasonable price.
Thursday, June 22, 2006Rating: rosettes

Georgie Kemp
On visiting the Navy Inn for a meal last evening with a friend, we were both disappointed. I asked the waitress if the garlic could be omitted from the choice of starters to which I was told this was not possible, I find this slightly worrying as it makes me wonder if the starters are prepacked or frozen as if they were fresh garlic could be left out. Also the whole meal was rushed, we had no sooner finished the starter when the main course was dropped in front of us, maybe the staff need some training in waitressing. With the main course we were given a desert bowl of four new potatoes a teaspoonful of sweet potatoe and very little brocolli, between us. Will not return, most disappointed.
Saturday, June 3, 2006Rating: rosettes

Paul Lorrimore
 Great food Great staff
My work travels bring me through penzance every few weeks, after stumbling upon the navy one evening i was in awe of the great atmosphere and people. I was served a truly exelent 3 course meal of fresh fish and game all locally sourced and i have been returning ever since. I urge anyone to visit for a good drink great food and conversation, even though i was alone i was made to feel welcome and cant reccomend the navy enough. PS try the tower of newlyn crab and bitter endives if its in !! or the fillet steak served with stilton compote... both first class dishes among others there.
Wednesday, March 15, 2006Rating: rosettes

Trevor Hordon
 Lunch Sunday 16.02.06
Great ambience, lovely fresh local food presented in a very chef-fy way. Pleasant staff.

Thoroughly recommended.
Monday, February 27, 2006Rating: rosettes

 Best Pub In Cornwall
Cornish Ales AND Lager. Food is out of this world. Just Off the main Road between St Just and St Ives. Beer Garden and the cliffs 2 minutes walk away. Miss it and you miss out
Monday, January 30, 2006Rating: rosettes

John Buttned
 Great food
On visiting Penzance we asked our B&B host where to eat & were recommended to the Navy, we booked, had a great meal, which was really good value ended up eating there twice in a seven day stay and at all times staff could not of been more helpful, but the food is the thing when we are next down this is what will make us come again
Monday, August 1, 2005Rating: rosettes

 Lovely place
The coach and horses has been taken over by knew owners. it is a great pub and i suggested it gets visited the knew owners are lovely people.
Wednesday, July 6, 2005Rating: rosettes

Bob Ktaski
 the best pub in the world!
The Crown Inn is by far the most fantastic pub i have ever been in. the food, hospitality and atmosphere is amazing. also the waitrasses that work there are all very helpful, although the most beautiful and quite breathtaking is Zoe. we love her.
Thursday, June 30, 2005Rating: rosettes

Hate it, loath it and the food is terrible. NO, REALLY THIS IS A FAB PLACE, I just thought I'd put you off going there so we can have the place to ourselves when we visit soon! The people, food and the wildlife (locals and pete) ha are all..............Guess you'll just have to visit to find out for yourselves! You'd be mad to pass this place by without calling in to say hi!
Monday, June 6, 2005Rating: rosettes

Erica Hornsby
 great local - lease is for sale NOW
very good pub with two bars, well supported by the locals - darts - pool - quiz nights etc
Tuesday, May 10, 2005Rating: rosettes

Nigel Canter
 Best Pub in Cornwall, in my opinion
Good beer, good landlord and landlady, good food and really nice 'locals'.
Well done Anthony and Penny!
Monday, April 18, 2005Rating: rosettes

debborah camm
thank you for putting up with me and my drunken antics. please increase the play area for us for when we visit in the summer. sorry for being so loud, but hey i am student lol!!! c u in the summer guys!
Friday, April 15, 2005Rating: rosettes

Kim Featherstone
do u remember us loud welsh college students?. we love you pub n the slide was amazing, thank u for all ur hospitality and for putting up with loud mouthed debbie!! ur pub holds many memorys for us and we will see u in the summer if u'll let us in! tadadadadadadadada!
Friday, April 15, 2005Rating: rosettes

 dinner 29th March 2005
We were very disapointed with the food quality

We ordered 2 wild boar steaks ( not cheap ) mine i thought was slightly tough and over cooked, however when my partner left half of hers and I tried it, it was so tough it was difficult to cut. We compalined but had no feedback from the kitchen or owner
To top it all they charge a handling fee for switch payment
Guess as a tourist place they dont expect repeat business
Monday, April 4, 2005Rating: rosettes

Eric Quick
 Great Place to Stay
Wonderful Place to Stay, friendly atmoshere, close to town. The best breakfest every
Wednesday, March 2, 2005Rating: rosettes

Stephen Rodda
Dunno where that pub came from. There is no Fore Street in Penzance. Ah, it's in Goldsithney on the B3280
Friday, December 3, 2004Rating: No rosettes

richard mineards
 Penzance'soldest pub.Great food selection.
In historic Chapel Street, the Turks Head boasts an extraordinary selection of home cooked food. There's also a nice garden out back for the summer months.
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

richard mineards
 Great food, wonderful views
Under landlord, Peter George, the Yacht is now a must visit pub with decidedly nautical overtones.
Good, reasonably priced food and generous portions.
You can walk off the calories on the promenade just yards away!
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

richard mineards
 A charming pub by the harbour
A pleasant, cosy atmosphere and excellent home cooked food, particularly seafood given its position just a flipper's throw from Newlyn harbour.
Mara, the landlaldy, also does the cooking. Also some good inexpensive wines.
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

richard mineards
 A nice village pub with equally good pub grub.
A nice village pub, much improved under its new landlord, Nick George, whose family also have the Logan Rock at Treen and the Yacht Inn in Penzance.
Good reasonably priced food and a pleasant atmosphere.
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

richard mineards
 Nice atmosphere and piles of good pub grub
A great place for families eating out. The portions are positively mountainous and the bill anything but!
Also a good wine list.
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

richard mineards
 A character pub not to be missed
Bags of character, endless charm and great pub grub. Ideally placed for wonderful cliff walks near the Minack Theatre.
In the winter a cosy coal fire, visiting singers and friendly locals.
A hive of activity.
You can't beat it!
Thursday, October 21, 2004Rating: rosettes

catherine west
 Must disagree with previous comment.
I spent three days visiting Navy Inn during September when I found the foot to be brilliant. If the food was that bad why was the place packed with locals. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced. The staff are extremely helpful and there is a relaxed friendly atmosphere.
Friday, October 8, 2004Rating: rosettes

Mr Forward
 very poor
This has to be the worst meal I have ever been served. The Chicken pie was full of gristle, fat and skin, and no chicken. The fish was uncooked. Vegetables were only to be found with a microscope.
And there were no apologies.
Thursday, August 5, 2004Rating: No rosettes

 Open all day
A pleasant pub in the 1950's style. Great views over Mounts Bay and the swimming pool.
Good beer and bar snacks. Plenty of nearby parking.
Sunday, August 17, 2003Rating: rosettes

 A great pub
Good atmosphere. Great food. Good beer. One of the best pubs in Cornwall
Sunday, May 11, 2003Rating: rosettes

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